Panels & Plugs© - overview


Flexibility. Build in 3 dimensions.

Imagine... a system that allows you to build any configuration of cubic shapes, without ever having to use double walls, different connectors, or different panels. Only one connector, only one panel and yet endless possibilities, in width, in height and in depth. You want to have doors? the same panel can have hinges to the right, to the left, on the bottom or on the top. Literally everything is possible ... including changing your mind and start all over again. Check some possibilities on our gallery page.




It's easy, no rocket science.

We do like rocket science, but not to store books, or CD's, not to make a small coffeetable or to safely store the dishes, the mugs, the eggcups, the brass chandeliers, the shirts, socks and underwear. A desk, a support for the printer or the HD tv should not require rocket science, it should be easy. it should be creative and so you should be able to change your mind... all the time! Check out our building instructions.




Choose your own materials, re-use old furniture: DIY

If you really want to push the envelop, choose your own panels, recycle a bill board or the old ping-pong table. Find some interesting pieces of board that tell a story and make it yours. We will provide you with the connectors. they are all the same, and serve only one purpose: to make it simple and to be able to adapt to new needs anytime. Cut panels, drill holes and keep old wood from turning into CO2. You will have designed your environment without affecting "the" environment.




Printed furniture. Yes, printed!

Full color print makes it possible to print anything on the panels: pictures, logo’s, textures, illustrations. You name it, we print it. The white layer on the multiplex gives the ink the perfect surface for getting the exact colors. Or you can play with the natural texture of a wooden panel to obtain a desired style. The ink we use are water based inks.